SD card locked after use

After using any SD card in my Pyramid I can only read the card in my MacBook the Pyramid seems to lock it. Any idea appreciated why this is happening.

you mean it becomes read-only?

there is little slider switch on the side of the sdcard holder… this locks it to read only.

this is a hardware thing… nothing to do with pyramid, you probably caught it, as you were taking in/out.
(pyramid does not to do this… I take mine in/out all the time, and never happend :wink: )

Hi I know what you mean about the switch. No it’s not that Pyramid locks the SD card for itself only and when inserted into my MacBook it’s read only.

if its not the physical lock, then the filesystem has become damaged… so osx is mounting as read-only due to damage (there is no ability to lock a FAT filesystem)
so you will need to format the sdcard again - fat32 iirc.

it it happens again, then its possible your sdcard is failing.
it does not happen a lot with decent cards, but it does happen.

I will reformat but it’s happened to 4 cards now and they are quality cards. They work fine in the pyramid though.

hmm, trying using the disk utility in macOS to see if it reports anything strange.

is it happening immediately when you try a new card? or after a while?
does the card work on other computers?
are you powering pyramid the usb psu? if not try this, in case its power related?

theoretically the fault could be pyramid, sdcard reader or sdcard…
so first step is to narrow it down, as blaming the wrong thing will lead you on a wild goose chase.

if you can determine its the pyramid,
then contact Squarp via the contact form .

whilst Ive not seen any complaints of corrupts of sdcards by the pyramid,
but of course anything is possible - if you can reproduce then Squarp will have something to try.

or it could possibly be a hardware issue on the Pyramid, again Squarp can help you detemine that.
(again, not heard of this before… but again, anything is possible)

sorry, can’t really suggest anything further… as its not something thats ‘normal’ operation.

Hi thanks for the reply.
I formatted a 512M card I have on the Mac and copied the data to it. On the Mac I have full access to the card. I used it in the Pyramid then put it back in the Mac now I only have read access so the pyramid is changing it somehow.

Squarp support are not talking to me because I said it’s a buggy bit of kit.

Possibly a silly question, but did you format it to FAT32?

What happens if you format the card with the Pyramid, then try on the Mac afterwards?

Do you have any anti-virus or malware stuff on your Mac?

Also perhaps try NOT copying your previously written, possibly corrupt data.

Format a card, make a new project on Pyramid with it, then review

pyramid does not have option for formatting card.

as above, something is corrupting the card…

as @CreepyPants said, try to not copy stuff over, in case some how that is corruptting the card
though I see no reason it should, unless your sdcard reader is acting up…
I doubt a corrupt project, would lead to a filesystem corruptions (which is what macos is seeing)

also if you copy stuff from mac to card, try ejecting sdcard, and then reinserting it (without it touchng pyramid) to check that the mac still has write access to it.

did you :

  • check with disk utility as i suggested?
  • make sure its pyramid is on usb psu power?

it may be disk utility will ‘repair’ it, but I suspect if its doing this on multiple cards , its just going to keep coming back unless you find the underlying cause.

the underlying issue here is:
I don’t see anyone else complaining of issues of either corrupted cards or sdcards being made read-only (which is the same thing).
so, unfortunately (for you) it seems unlikely to be a bug in the firmware

the usual cause would be a media, as that fails, but you say you have tried others.

this implies either your pyramid or your mac is corrupting the sdcard filesystem (hence mounting RO)

if you are 100% sure its not the media or your mac/sdcard reader…
then it sound like a hardware fault in which case you’ll have to return to your seller, or agree something with squarp ( if its outside of warrany)

I used disk utility to fix it and it did and all was good until I used it in the pyramid.
The pyramid is powered from a powered USB hub not a PSU.
I wil do more experimenting.

k, so that proves something is screwing up the filesystem as i said.

I would try on the usb psu, it may be that for some reason your usb hub is not supply enough power whilst doing writes.

again all you can do is try to eliminate possible issues one at a time, and hope its something you can fix.

I don’t have a USB PSU but I plugged the SD card into a PC and it won’t format it says it’s locked. Although it’s all still usable it’s a pain when it comes to tidying up the SD card as there’s no file Management facilities built into the pyramid. All the projects load and save ok in the pyramid.

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