SD Card formatter download?

can anyone download from here?

i cant … just get a “You don’t have permission to access this resource.”

Seems broken indeed.

Even the contact page is unavailable…

found this
LINK REMOVED … potential danger of malware
maybe its okay too?

No, I’d rather recommend using Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to go to the website at a date where it wasn’t broken.

I’ve just tried it, you can download both Mac & Windows version fine through here.

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its the same i found … just the 5.02 vs 5.01

There is very little info on who runs that website, who they are affiliated with, and I would not recommend using software downloaded from their website. It may be malware for all one knows.

What also troubles me is also this:

We are not affiliated with SD-3C, LLC in any way.

While the SD Association shares the same foundations as SD-3C LLC


It’s up again FYI

so i had just bad luck … the wrong day :joy:

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