Scrolling through samples has become so slow!

So when I turn the main encoder to scroll through the kits on Rample, I have to turn the encoder like 5-6 clicks for it to switch to the next kit - very annoying! Any idea what could be causing this, and is there perhaps an easy fix to it?

CreepyPants smugly says to himself, “that’s one click per kit, but I’ll check just to make sure.”…but then…[insert dramatic music here]

I usually don’t control the kits via the encoders, opting for control via Pyramid. So I tested, and most kits were one click, but then some were 2-5 clicks, which would be super distracting for me if I’m in the studio on a mission.

I don’t know if that has something to do with the kits themselves (as in “data”) or the OS.

On yours, is every kit 5-6 clicks to scroll to the next?
Does anything else seem to act wonky?
I assume you’re on the latest OS.

Next time I’ve a few moments for systems stuff I might try reformatting the SD Card and reinstalling the stock kits to see if that resolves the issue.

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It seems to depend on the files. But a lot of them take a lot of scrolls, yeah. Thanks for your reply!

I wonder if it has to do with how long it takes to load a kit?

I won’t have time to test it in the near future, and chances are I’ll forget before I have a chance to test it, but if you have an unused Bank, I’d copy a bunch of small kits (one sample per SP) and a bunch of large kits (maybe loops that are sliced with layers also) and see if it slows down specifically on the large ones.

I’d also test that if/when you get to a kit where the screen doesn’t change immediately after one click, maybe wait a few seconds to see if the screen catches up…? It’s a long shot, but wouldn’t require making new kits.

yes this is ‘normal’ - though I cannot say I really noticed it much, I guess it depends how much scrolling around you are doing… Im usually previewing as I turn, so not going thru the kits that quickly.

I think what is happening is its accessing the sdcard (perhaps to load parameters?) as you spin the encoder, and doesn’t update the display to the next kit until its loaded … so if you spin the encoder faster, basically it ‘gets behind’ - so its a function of the sdcard, rather than the responding to the encoder clicks.

from memory, if you hold down the encoder whilst you turning, it seems to not do this…
Im guessing it only attempts to ‘load’ the kit details when you release the encoder.

Id raise this with Squarp via the contact form, I don’t think its an ‘easy fix’ but it is perhaps something they could find tune a little… e.g. only access the sdcard after you have stopped turning the encoder after (e.g) 500mS
(but I don’t know what they are doing at the moment or how the code is structured, so even that may not be ‘easy’)

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