Screen display issue

since a few days, in my display screen, there is a resilience with the caracter, and when i change, for example, track to step, the display is not immediate, and the same with parameter…
it’s not comfortable !

is there an explanation for this?


no, usually display will update immediately…

also, you say its only just started, which sounds very strange.

( i assume its not very cold temperatures - normal ambient temps)

unfortunately, it sounds like a hardware issue.
what I would try, ‘just in case’, is to format the sdcard (or use a new one), and try with a new project, and see if its the case - its unlikely a bad sdcard would cause this - but worth a try.

similarly, try the hermod in the case without other modules connected - again, doesn’t sound like a power issue - but its worth trying.

otherwise, I think you need to approach squarp directly, and they can suggest your next course of action - use the contact form

thanks for your reply, i’m going to try a new sd and only my hermod in my case…
to be continued

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