Scaling CC automation

The automation lanes are great, but is there a way to scale the min/max to get finer control?

IOW, I’d like to be able to set the bottom row to 0 and the top row to 32 rather than 127.

If you hold a min and max, you can adjust the range, but it’s still fixed at about 16 CC values per row, so the actual resolution between rows is unchanged, the curve just gets squashed.


Yup agree with this, it would be great to get higher resolution within a smaller range for CC values.

Currently the jump in value from one row to the next is too big for a lot of applications.

You can adjust points by holding the pad and scrolling with the main encoder - 128 resolution for CC’s, 16384 resolution for CC pairs.

It would be nice to have a vertical range zoom though, for drawing/tweaking smaller ranges visually on the pads.

Yes, I know how to tweak the values, but a lot of the Hapax is so quick and fluid to use that stopping and adjusting every step really feels like a drag compared to just sweeping your finger across.

Kudos to the developers for giving us many ways to accomplish a task. I just find myself often needing small ranges of CCs, hence the original feature request.


Hi. Is min and max cc already implemented? That would really make it easier to quickly draw automation accurately for a particular range.

It is not currently implemented

Is it on the roadmap to implement? When?

Unfortunately I don’t have a timetable for that specific feature.

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