Scale Effect - Jump Key?

So when using the scale mode and changing the key on the number 3 knob it goes chromatically through the keys

Is there a way to jump say as an example from C to G?

I am thinking there might be a way to do this on the pads but I don’t seem to know how to do it
Has anybody got any tips for me how to do it?

thanks L


Simplest way to do this would be to copy the phrase you want to scale to separate patterns with different FX automation in each pattern to jump between C scale in one pattern and G scale in the other.

But if you are using multiple melodic patterns that you want to apply a different scale effect to you would need two copies of each.

There might be a way to do it with master transpose track. Let me have a fiddle and see if what I’m thinking works…


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Hey @JimBrackpool

thanks for your efforts, I am away from my Pyramid this weekend I will experiment when I get back as well

Let me know if find any techniques

cheers L

Ok just having a read of the manual I will be able to automate the key parameter…thinking about it i have actually done this previously in step mode

However this is still predetermined, I think you are right about the master transpose if I want to change on the fly in live mode