Saving encoder assignments for startup?

Is it possible to save the 5 encoder (and touchpad) assignments to a startup template on the pyramid? i want the encoders pre-assigned to midi CC’s when i turn the machine on.
The two save functions in Settings don’t seem to do the trick. Is it possible? Thanks in advance!

There isn’t a way to do this as a global setting, as CC assignments are saved into the project itself.

The work around would be to save a ‘default’ project with these set up, but no other data.


Thanks Loz. This is a good idea that i hadn’t thought of. I’ll try it! :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t3:

I do exactly as Loz said: blank template project with all the stuff assigned/addressed

+1 for template projects. i call mine simply ‘template’. it’s firmware upgrade proof to go that route too versus some of the stuff you can save in defaults.

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