Saving bpm with sequence


probably an obvious one but how do you save different bpm with different sequences?

i’ve always done it manually but syncing to prerecorded stuff and need the sequences to jump automatically. can’t find it in the manual or anywhere on here

please help!

There is a BPM effect which can be sequenced in Effects Stepmode. I usually put it on an unused track I reserve for master effects and such.

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great thanks, will investigate further

hi again, i can’t find anything on how to set up master effects and how how to send a bpm message at the start of a sequence so it changes bpm for all tracks. any pointers in the direction appreciated!

Add BPM effect to a track:

Switch to effect automation mode:

Make sure you are using patterns:

Then add BPM automation to the start of each pattern, changing the pattern for each different sequence.

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