Save is similar to "Save as"?

“Save” function wants me to enter a name.
Shouldn´t it save it as it is?
I opened my “default” project but when I use “save” it wants me to enter a name. Just like the “save as” function. seems like a bug.
Or it has something to do with the name of my default project…it is “default” for quick loading all my presets via the “new”(load default project) function.

I guess it is the “2nd”…

“Save” is for saving the project currently being worked on. So if you load your “default” make changes the hit save, that default now has all the new changes saved. And it is still named “default”

“Save as” is for naming and saving a new project. So if you loaded your “default” and made changes or created a new track and you want to save it as a new project and not your “default” you rename and “save as” with a new name.

starting from the default template is a special case. name it something else and next time “save” doesn’t ask for a new name.