Save CV control settings as a global option?

I’m not using MIDI with my Rample, instead I’m using manual gates and a Voltage Block to control the CV. It’s annoying that every time I change a kit the CV settings get erased. I would really love to be able to change kits without having to go through each input and set it again and again and again.

Am I missing an existing function? Or is this a feature I can request?

cv assignments are save as part of the kit.
so you can assign, then use store.

also, you can copy from one to another, by using copy, then paste function.

this is really nice flexible, since it allows you to use the cv differently for each kit, also there is no direction relationship between cv1 and sp1 which i find really useful.

do you always want it to default to one particular thing? eg pitch?

there is no global option (afaik), and Im not sure how that would work, since a kit could also have the assignment saved with it - so it’d conflict.

I guess there could be a global default, but this might confuse users… since you might have pitch working nicely on one kit, and you switch to another and it stops working (since you have a kit assignment)

anyway, make a suggestion to Squarp, and they can have a think about it.

A global override is what I want, specifically the option to override kit settings.

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global preferences usually work the other way ie. specific (e.g. kits) override global.
that said in this particular case, i don’t think any factory kits I’ve seen have CV assignments - so its a moot point really.

anyway, as above, you can send a suggestion to Squarp , and they can decide what they think works the best and is practical for all users.

Copy & Paste & Store will do what you’re wanting to do. Ie: You set up assignments as you like on one kit and then copy & paste that onto all the other kits that you want that assignment applied to? Of course this requires a bit of work - especially if you’re looking to do this across lots (and lots) of kits but I think it will do what you’re wanting it to do. And once it’s done its done. Unless you want to re-do it :wink:

Otherwise, I’m not quite sure how this could work given the limited UI on the Rample itself. Maybe this is something that can be done via editing of a text file on the SD card (like how Morphagene works). Perhaps assignments could be individual text files placed within each kit folder. Managing, copying & pasting those files on a computer would be much faster than doing it via Rample itself.

Deffo contact Squarp.

I find myself also wanting this feature all the time. @dangayle - did you contact Squarp about it?

Hey everyone ! (@dangayle, @thetechnobear, @KidYoshi, @Daisuk)

I’ve been thinking about this, and I definitely see where you’re coming from. However, like @thetechnobear said, it might be confusing to use, or even to set up.

How do y’all imagine it ? I want to do this right, by everyone, so I want to hear what you have to say.

What I can imagine is having another setting (press encoder, and rotate to find it among “SAVE”, “STORE”, etc.) called “CV OVERRIDE”, or something along those lines. When this is set to on, kit assignments will be ignored, and whenever you enter the assignment menu with this setting on, you modify the global CV assignment, which overrides the “per kit” assignments.

Anyone has a better idea ?

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Sounds perfect! That implementation would be brilliant for me personally. :slight_smile:

So when CV Override is ON any CV assignment changes are stored on a global level for all kits (used when this setting is ON). When you turn it OFF it goes back to a Per Kit level and any re-assignments would then be per Kit?

Sounds like it’s a smart solve.

Precisely what I had in mind.

Since two of you find that suitable, I’ll discuss that idea with the rest of the team, and we’ll probably add it to the roadmap

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cool - I assume this is only going to be for CV assignment.
(all other kit ‘options’ will be unaffected)

This seems like an essential feature! I have a suggestion in the mean time. I think the Rample sound bank should ship with default assignments saves in every kit. My personal is CV1 All- Pitch CV2 All- Bit CV3 All- Fitl CV4 all- Freeze
I think pitch assigned to each individual channel could also be good. I just think it would be great for new users not to have to assign new settings every single time they try a new kit. Can be quite tedious.

Another vote from me for some implementation of this feature.

  1. From a live performance perspective, ensuring that CV settings can be stored with a kit is crucial!
  2. But, last night I decided to configure some wild modulation and simply flip through a bunch of kits to find something I like… Even copypasta would take too long in this very gestural improvisational “jamming” moment.

The word “Override,” though, has an opposing connotation which makes me think CV modulation will not be applied. I think most people in the modular world were initially surprised that Rample did not continue applying CV after changing kits, given the continuous nature of voltage and that therefore, in many cases, our first instinct is to unplug a modulation source if something sounds “wrong.”

As such, my own instinct would be to make this the factory setting since my hunch is new users would expect the module to respond to CV in the way I detailed above. “Override” would make more sense to me in the context of “override the currently active CV assignments with those saved in the kit.”

My two cents.

as you say, 1 & 2 are conflicting requirements.

I think a point that has not been made explicit here is…
how CV is assigned to a kit, is quite often related to what the samples are (or kits ‘represents’) )
percussive kits might use cv as accents, melodic kits use cv as pitch, a ‘layered’ kit might use cv for layer selection…

in these cases, flicking thru presets with some ‘arbitrary’ mapping I don’t think is that useful.

I guess I see the cv inputs more like a ‘mod matrix’…
on a synth patch, the mod wheel is assigned to something that makes sense for that patch… its not always mapped to the same thing.

however, a small issue I see, is you don’t know what the mapping is, without going into the assign menu - that’s a bit counter to modular, where we know a particular socket = a particular ‘parameter’.

I also can see perhaps if your flipping thru a bunch of similar kits, it be nice to try a fixed modulation mapping… e.g. you want to see what bit crush modulation sounds like over a few percussive kits.
so would be nice to have an override to allow that :slight_smile:

I have been thinking a lot about this and I have to disagree. I think the Rample is very open and flexible with regards to its use cases. Further, I’m not sure that the distinction “percussive OR melodic” is going to hold true for everyone. I like making a kit out of random nonsense and seeing what happens.

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that “flicking thru presets with some ‘arbitrary’ mapping” is the secret to really having a blast with the module.

A couple of examples using Pressure Points:

Hate to be nagging - but any news on this? :slight_smile:

That’s included in the latest firmware.


Nice! That’s awesome - many thanks. :slight_smile: