Sample packs suited for Rample?

Hi peeps! Just got my Rample, and been assembling kits for it from a bunch of Native Instruments Maschine samples I’ve got laying around. The cool thing about a few of the Maschine kits are that they are organized in kits, so that you’ll get like Tom Hit 1, Tom Hit 2 etc from the same drum, so to speak, so these are ideal for Rample (for using with the layers system).

Anyways - are there other sample packs out there that are known for arranging samples this way? I like to cross and match samples to make kits (and not use like “Amon Tobin Kit 2” or whatever), but it would be cool to have access to several versions of a sound to use with the layer system.

Anyone got any sample packs to recommend for this purpose? :slight_smile:

not sure… I think you’d probably have to rename/move things around a bit, rather than use ‘as-is’ - no?

kits on the Rample are limited to 4 slots, but can have many layers - but this is interesting, since layer can be used for so many different things (variations or completely different hits)

also in slicer mode it could be possible to use as sample chains (not tried this yet!)

also we can now have stereo samples :slight_smile:

I did suggest a while back sharing sample packs for Rample (of course they need to be free of copyright!) but no response so far.

I will say when I did the bobeats pack, once I got into it, it was pretty straightforward, even using if I had to resample them to 44.1k/16bit.
the tech part was quick, most of the effort was just deciding what to put together (as layers) and what to keep separate - as this determines what can be played together or not.

I have to say, in the past I’ve not really been into samplers - so Im really completely unorganised in this area - and so not got around to doing what Ive wanted, but do want to do some more - particularly some long form samples created from my own music/gear.

Which begs the questions (samplers in general, but particularly with the Rample)
How many people use use packs?
How many create their own samples?

if most are into the later, perhaps users could share tips about their workflows.

I’ll be happy to share some sample packs once I get up to speed. I use a Max 4 Live patch in Ableton Live called “Random Simpler”, which picks a random sample from a pool of samples (pretty much a ton of samples I have on my hard drive) - I do this on 4 channels, create a rhythm, and start randomizing the different channels, warping the samples until I have something I like. I then save these four samples as a “kit” (and upload it to Rample). I did something similar for the Erica Sampler, for creating sample chains, but I stupidly sold that a couple of months ago.

It would be quite handy to have a sample pool for Simpler Random to pick from that had many versions of the same sample though, as those kits sound way more “alive” and organic than just a bunch of different samples (although that can be cool too of course). The A0 kit in Rample is excellent for this, for instance, sounds really natural when it alternates between the different hits.

And yeah, you have to manually rename, of course, but so be it. :slight_smile:

Tip for renaming files if you’re on a Mac - use right/ctrl + click and select ‘rename files’. It’s surprisingly powerful and easy to use.

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