Routing Keystep 37 Midi Notes through Hapax to Analog Synth via Ableton

Hi Everyone

I am not sure if I am creating a mess or if this can be solved easier.
I’d like to have the function to:

Play my synths from my Keystep directly
Record into Hapax
Send sequences from Hapax to the synths

I have now routed everything from within Ableton.
The Channels on the Hapax have a Input from Device from Channel X and Output then to the Same Channel in the USB.

Am I complicating anything? (see Screenshots)

really it all depends what you are trying to achieve…
if you want to record hapax into Ableton the above approach works.

if you want a more standalone focus. (assuming you have external mixer)

you could do something like :
keystep → hapax → synth(s)
Ableton ↔ hapax
(i.e Ableton is connected via usb device, key step = usb host)

there is no right/wrong…
Ive used different approaches at different times, and keep changing !

so, for the same reason, Id not stress about it…
if it works that way for you, do it that way , until you find it doesn’t :slight_smile:


Super, thx!