Routing for Roland synth and pyramid

So I want to confirm how the pyramid would work with a roland ds61.
If i go midi out of the roland to midi in on the pyramid then midi out of the pyramid back to midi in on the roland and set the roland for external control (not local) then the midi data gets recorded or at least monitored by the pyramid and passes back to the roland to make sound. Would there be latency?

Stupid basic questions I know. I just want to know if I need any other midi processor or event box to use the pyramid in the midi loop of the roland.

The roland is 16 part multitimberal and I want to sequence the roland drums and bass into a song and then play live over the sequence.

That’s how it’s done.
I guess there has to be latency technically because “nothing is instant”, but that is the normal configuration, if Im reading the description of your setup properly.

And yes: Local Control should be off.

Caveat: i dont know this synth myself, and Im speaking from general synth/MIDI experience. Your mileage may vary, and if there’s a difference, hopefully someone here who knows that synth intimately might chime in.



Thanks. I appreciate the reply. This unit seems exactly the item I need.

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