Roli Lightpad or Seaboard?

Anyone have success using a Roli Lightpad or Seaboard into USB with the Hermod?

I did a basic test with the Seaboard Block, pitch/gate, velocity, and aftertouch all seemed to be working as they should

Very good to know! Thanks!

And if you set Slide CC to 1 on the Block you can use that to control a modulation track on Hermod

Can you give me some more details on how you set that up in the Blocks Dashboard and on the Hermod? I’m trying to no avail, I either get one or the other. Pitch or Mod.

describe exactly what you’re hoping to achieve and I’ll do my best to give you instructions

Trying to use track one for CV/Gate for the usual pitch and envelope, and track 2 as a modulation source that reacts to the Glide parameter on the Seaboard block. I want to send that to the cutoff of a filter.

In ROLI Dashboard, select Single Channel mode, Set Slide CC to 1

On Hermod, go to midi settings and put track 1 and 2 on midi channel 1.
Set track 1 to a single voice layout - Mono
Set track 2 to a single voice layout - Modulation

That should do it

To use aftertouch for modulation as well:
Set up the Block in the same way as above.

On Hermod, go to midi settings and put track 1, 2, and 3 on midi channel 1.
Set track 1 to a 2 voice layout - Mono + Vel
Press Effects, click the encoder to enter the midi effect, change “After > Vel” to ON
Set track 3 to a single voice layout - Modulation

This gives you CV/gate on track 1, Aftertouch CV out on track 2, and Slide CV out on track 3

Thanks man! Got it working great now. I overlooked both the MIDI channels set to 1 for the track!

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Thanks for this! It works for me but:
The seaboard plays all tracks on the hermod,
not just the active one.
In comparison the Keystep Pro would just play the active track as soon as i switch.
Am i overlooking something?

I use mine with my Hermod constantly, it’s my regular setup.
They’re really good together!

You just need to edit the MIDI setttings in ROLI Dashboard and some midi settings on the hermod to make everything more convenient, but other than that, and since 1.4 was released, it works perfectly.

Btw, what pitch bend settings do you use for the Roli Seaborad?