Roland TR8s and Squarp pyramid, not the best of friends?

Hi guys,

I have plotted out the entire TR8s definition file, together with all my other synths.
For the midi notes, the squarp only recognizes the Kick (BD) channel and none of the others. I can play all the normal notes in the keyboard, and they play. So it’s not a midi or connectivity issue. It seems that either the squarp doesn’t recognize the notes or the TR8s is not willing to play nice.

Any one had this happen and knows a resolutions?

Are you trying to use the tr-8s as a midi output? Could you perhaps illustrate what you are trying to accomplish?

My first thought is that it has to do with the 8’s midi spec. They tend to be finicky and geared towards the feature set of the hardware itself, although not always in a “logical” fashion.

I was trying to have the pyramid link the note to its corresponding note. Found out that the midi notes as mentioned in the midi implementation guide for the TR8s are incorrect accept for the Kick…
Had to add other note values and now it works…

Who would have thought that the manual was wrong?

Are you able to use stuff like auto-fill and the scatter effect and the auto roll while still offloading the sequencing duties to the Pyramid?

I just moved to a new place and one of the roommates owns one but I don’t have a midi cable to check.

According to the cc implementation, you can trigger fill A bit cant see fill B.
Sub step doesn’t seem to have a cc value either…

Looks like a very partial implementation or at least documentation.

Also, I have noted that program change (to select a kit) is all over the place. To get to the 2nd kit (909) you need value 100 for instance. Totally not following the numbering of the TR8s kits. It works, but double accounting hahahaa

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