Roland TR-606 sync

Hey everyone,

I’m in the process of trying to sync my Pyramid and 606 and for some reason it’s not working.

I’ve got the Pyramid MIDI B (sync) going directly to the TR-606 using a DIN Sync cable, and MIDI A is going into a MIDI splitter and then into a TT-303. MIDI settings are set to MIDI out and sync start/stop is on.

MIDI is successfully being sent to the 303 as it’s starting with the Pyramid, but the 606 is stuck. I’ve set it to receive DIN sync and not send it. I’m not sure what I’m missing. Any ideas?

[edit] Just re-read your message and realised that the 606 is on B and the MIDI splitter is on A…

So if the cable is going direct from output B into the 606, check the cable perhaps?

Does the 606 ‘Run’ LED light up when you press play on the 606? Does the 606 sync from any other sync24 stuff (if you own any) with the same cable?

One last thing, just in case you’ve not done this, is the B output set correctly in the settings? It’s under CV/pedal in the main setting menu, under “dinSync” and needs to be set to Sync24 for old Roland gear.

Ah! The setting in CV/pedal… I hadn’t switched it to Sync24. That fixed it. Thanks! Had a feeling it was something simple. I must have glossed over the CV/gate section of the manual as I haven’t needed it as of yet.

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