Roland Mx-1 squarp hapax

Hey Everyone while waiting for the Hapax Squarp i got a cheap Mx-1 to compliment my aira gear, this saves midi ports immensly and I was wondering if anyone tried connecting the Mx-1 as a slave to Hapax on a single midi din in and recieved all usb Aira midi channels on the squarp. I own a Jd-xi but im not sure since it has 4 midi channels that those would transfer to the hapax too? I’d avoid getting a midi trough box as the mx-1 is set to work in external mode and I fear latency. Any advice is apreciated

@JonkeFresh I’m not really clear on what you’re trying to do.

I took a quick glance at the specs of the MX-1. It’s a very cool device, but I don’t really see it as a MIDI hub, except for the other gear in the “family.”

If that’s what you’re aiming for, you might consider the iConnectivity MioXM or MioXL. I use the MioXM as a very effective and virtually zero latency “MIDI hub” for all my gear.

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The Mx-1 only sends/receives midi clock to/from its usb ports, no notes or automation data.

It does allow sending notes and automation from a DAW to any of its usb ports though.

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Thank you for your reply, I do happen to own 3 pieces of Aira Gear which are connected to the USB ports of the MX-1. These ports send audio and midi info since I can assign them in Ableton pretty much how I want. What my question was if I were to plug the MIdi in from the MX-1 to a Squarp Hapax, would I get all these midi channels through a single midi port? And thank you for the Connectify recommendation I will consider it doesn’t work out

One midi port carries 16 channels, USB normally emulates that but can pretend to have multiple cables and run multiple ports . Each of the aria gear run on a single channel, except the vocal one i believe uses 2. All three of them can be addressed through a single midi cable.

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The MX-1 allows Midi routing only via the USB-PC/Mac port, sadly. No way to send Midi to connected Aira devices via its Midi port. Would be very cool if that worked, but it just doesn’t. The Midi port only allows controlling the MX-1 itself (and transmitting incoming Midi clock, as mentioned above).

Also, I second the MioXL recommendation.

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fucking shit, thank you for claryifing