Roland JX-3P Omni Mode Off

I am a new Pyramid user and I started today to enjoy it with new and old synths. I searched on the forum but I didn’t find anything about this topic.

I need to send a CC 127 with value 1 to the JX-3P.

The synth is set by default in Omni mode. It is possible to switch it to midi channel 1, connecting a midi cable to the In and Out port when switching on, keeping pressed for 2 seconds 6 keyboard keys.
This method however needs to be repeated EACH TIME you switch the synth off.

Alternatively it is possible to send value 1 to the CC 127 BUT I cannot find the parameter… or maybe it is hidden in the CC List.

Any help?
Thank you in advance!

Any advice?

According the MIDI Implementation Chart, the Pyramid Recognises, Records, and Transmits CC’s 0-119.

A couple of workarounds:

  • Use a MIDI Event Processor (then you can even use PC messages and convert them to CC127 msgs)
  • Use a MIDI Router with a Filter so you can route messages destined for the JX to their own Port.
  • Dedicate one of the two DIN Ports exclusively to the JX and use Omni Mode.

Thank you!
I didn’t know about Midi Event Processors. I will definitely make this move!

There’s also a midi upgrade kit available for the 3P - you can set the channel to 1-3 and it remembers after powering off/on

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Thank you for the advice. Right now I am using the first solution received but I will look forward for the updated midi kit.

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