Roland D-05 Program Change Instructions

Wanted to run Program Changes to my D-05 during live sets so it’s one less thing I need to think about and thought I’d post the details here in case anyone else needs this or finds it helpful.

  1. Select STEP and press/hold Step and turn the main knob to get to CC messages
  2. Per Roland, the MSB is 87 but I didn’t find I had to do anything with this CC message
  3. cc32 is the LSB, arm/trigger beat 1 in the grid, while holding it down turn knob 3 for your bank…
    (0 = U1, 7 = U8, etc)
  4. Go back to TRACK and hold 2nd and press TRACK: Name it D5 PC, set anything else you want and then turn knob 1 to find the preset in the bank. You should see the D-05 flipping through the presets in the correct bank at this point.

For example: cc32 set to 7 and PC set to 19 gives you U8:33

Other tip is if you have multiple Program Change needs, turn Pattern on and use patterns to keep all of the machines PC’s on one TRACK.

Roland D-05 Program Change info: