Roland D-05 not responding to CC messages from Squarp Pyramid MK3

Hi, I just got the Pyramid MK3 and I’m new to this midi hardware devices so I’m kind of confused…

I followed exactly how the manual did, I selected the right midi channel and and I went to step CC messages mode and selected the cc number and recorded the automation.

But when I play it back, my D-05 is not responding to any of the CC messages I recorded, why ?

Thank you

First step - look at midi output log on pyramid , is it sending it , On channel and output you expect?

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Yes, the D-05 will played the recorded notes on the Pyramid but not respond to the CC

did you check the cc are being sent out on the output log?

most likely its some kind of setting on the D05 that says if to accept CC midi input or not.

I’ve not got a D05, but I have synths/grooveboxes that allow you to turn this on/off… its a pretty useful function in a hardware setup.

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