Roland Boutique Arrangement w/ Pyramid

Forgive me if this has been brought up numerous times. I have been told that the Roland Boutique Series can cause some complications with MIDI feedback with the Pyramid. Is there a way I can record my MIDI from each boutique individually without causing significant feedback when it loops? If I understand this correctly, the boutiques can be problematic in that if I record a series of notes, it will record to the pyramid, play back that loop, but rather than just playing back those notes, it creates an endless feedback loop of unwanted notes.

Below is my current arrangement. I noticed that the Pyramid also accepts USB MIDI. Any help would be great. Thanks for taking the time.

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Hello, I use a VP-03 in my setup and it is imperative to have it on midi output A or B using the respective AUTO A OR AUTO B midi echo settings. I would say any synth without local control settings should be in this chain.

I was able to solve this problem. I purchased a midi merge quad box to record midi in. The only synth that is a problem is the jx03. It doesn’t have a midi thru option.