Road map for Hapax updates and features?

Anyone have any info about what Hapax and its fuytre feature set?
No updates in a while now and no word from developers.
anyone found a random info while scouring the internet?
What have they said they will do?
Someone mentioned multi-track recording?
What do you know?

coming up on a year out in the world for Hapax, i would say most updates to date have been working out bugs in the OS and adding some features that improve the workflow/make it more efficient. i think adding some more FX (Delay, for one) is pretty much a given in future updates, as well as some form of note view in Step mode entry. beyond that . . . shrug

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as a developer (not for Squarp) , Id says its unlikely you’ll get a public roadmap, as they tend to raise unrealistic expectations… which can be problematic.

I’d refrain from trying to collect snippets of what has been said by devs about future updates… plans change…so, I’d rarely consider them to be a commitment - so they won’t be accurate.
e.g. features get de-prioritised for many reasons e.g. more urgent bug fixes, or other features getting more ‘demand’ by feedback

if there is something you are particularly interested in, Id suggest reaching out to the developer via the contact form , they might be able to tell you, if that’s something thats actively being worked on now.

moderation note…please lets not turn this into another topic about what we think / hope / expect to be in future updates. it wlll turn it into yet another wishlist topic, which we already have so many of… and I will close it.

as has been stated so many times, feature requests need to go via the contact form - this is the primary form of feedback.
this forum is focused on community interactions, it is not an official comms channel to Squarp


Theres a few things i hope gets improvements.

Remembering which mode eg live on on track step on another and automation on another.
I would like to be in live mode for an instrument but step for a drum track and not have to swap back and forth

More drum lanes than 8 eg page up and down to access extra lanes. Scrolling behaviour preferred

More pattern’s to be more like ableton push and can scroll up and down

Scrolling vertically in step mode

Different length automation lanes and drum lanes so doesn’t have to be exact length of pattern

Of course more algos and fx


Community interactions are also about wishlist though…


I agree with this. I may (and do) have my personal wish list and send feature requests to squarp. But exchanging feature ideas in the community is a good thing as others may have better ideas on how to integrate something I’d also like to see. Which could help supply Squarp with better thought out requests.

Also, feature wish lists tend to almost always include things that are already there, just slightly hidden or weirdly implemented. Discussing this is exactly what a community is good for. Much better than bothering the developers with support requests.
(All IMO, of course)

I totally get why Squarp won’t release a roadmap. I do agree it’d be nice to have at least a rough idea on their priorities/what’s being worked on/what’s in the far future, maybe. Not expecting anything like that :slight_smile:


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