Retailer delivery schedule?

Hello Squarpies!

Rhythm Droid here. I’ve been using tabletop MIDI sequencers since the 1980s so I was instantly sold on the HAPAX upon seeing it! But alas! I didn’t have $1000 lying around to take the plunge and now it’s backed up till June. Big congrats to the Squarp team, you deserve it!

What do we know about the delivery strategy to Squarp’s retailer network? Was the first production batch entirely dedicated to website sales? Are there some also being pushed out to retailers?

I need one of these like a fish needs water ahhaha. ; )


Hi @RhythmDroid,

Unfortunately, retailers won’t get units until the second batch either.


OK, good to know! Thank you for info.
I’d better get my pre-order in soon, then!

Congratulations on a very well-done launch. :champagne:

Thanks a lot!

I’m so sorry if I’m misunderstanding but could you please clarify:

  1. Retailers will be getting second batch units.
  2. Retailers will not be getting second batch units.

I’m very interested in HAPAX. It looks amazing. Since I’m in the UK though, I’m a little hesitant to place an order direct with EU-based businesses since our government has made such things painfully complicated for all involved. It’s tough to guess how much items will cost in terms import duty and associated fees.

I noticed that Juno has HAPAX listed as forthcoming. I know you are experiencing unexpected demand but are you able to give a rough estimate of when they or other UK retailers might receive stock?

Many thanks and congratulations on the HAPAX launch!

I have one sitting in customs in Paris at this very moment.

I’ll let you know how it gets through (if it does…)

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Thank you and good luck! :pray:

Option 1.
The ETA is June 2022.

Please bear in mind the current state of the electronics market makes things quite unpredictable, so the ETA may or may not change as time goes by.

Many thanks for the clarification @Thibault_Squarp. That’s very kind of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine is arriving today. Actually was picked up from Squarp on Monday afternoon, so very quick turnaround.

Customs and VAT charges came to £150, if you are wondering.

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Thank you @Loz. Good to know. I’m looking forward to batch 2 delivery. Enjoy your HAPAX!

My Hapax is due for delivery on the 14th, now in the US. The import duty on this was $42.38.

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