[Resolved] High CPU usage and cracking sound

I have been using rample for a while now and am experiencing this phenomenon.

To put it simply, when playing back certain samples, the CPU usage increases and the sound is corrupted. When I check the info in the settings, the cpu usage is displayed as 98%.

However, this happened suddenly. The same sound source and playback environment worked fine before. The only cause I can think of is…

  • SD card problem
  • Power supply problem
  • Possibly a version change (I upgraded to 1.5)
  • I tried lowering the version, but it didn’t change.

As for the playback situation, 4 looped measures are playing at the same timing.

Do you have any advice on this phenomenon?

(I am using a translator, so there may be some parts that are not understood.)

This sounds like an SD card issue.

You can follow these steps: https://squarp.net/faq#XX6hQcNad

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I formatted the SDcard and copied the same sample and it played fine.

Thanks for the great advice!

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