Reset module, is it possible?

Hi everybody. Just purchased my module and im quite happy. I was wondering how to reset the module as per now when i stop ableton and theres a layer of sounds, when i start it resumes from the last it played that could be the third or fourth and i would like it to start from 1. thnx

Hi @ekoboy,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to reset the selected layers with one single transport message. We’re thinking about it, and may implement something like that in a future firmware update (maybe with “All Sound Off” message).

However, what you can do at the moment is send a MIDI CCx9 for each layer, with the value you want, at the start of your loop, or send a MIDI CC59 to set all voices at once.

For instance, sending CC19=0, CC29=0, CC39=0, CC49=127 will set the layers of sample one, two and three to the first layer, and the fourth to its last layer.

Alternatively, sending only CC59=64 will set all voices to their middle layer.

For more info, you can refer to the MIDI implementation chart here:

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