Request for shortcut to "delete all events" in track edit mode

Searched around to see if this exists but couldn’t find anything- It would be great if there was a shortcut to delete all events in a track. Or, at least put it at the top of the menu when clicking the encoder in track mode. As I’m trying to record in takes I spend a lot of time clicking and scrolling down to find “delete all events” so that I can try a fresh take. Thanks!

Hi @second_breakfast,

This has been added in the upcoming release of hermodOS, to be released soon.
On STEP mode, you’ll simply have to hold “STEP” and press X to delete all events. Press Y to randomize all events.


Wonderful news! Thank you.

amazing! been wanting this for so long. I will say though, that I was hoping for this shortcut to be possible in Track mode, like a long-press on a track to delete all for example. would be easier for deleting events across multiple tracks, rather than having to delete things one track at a time. This situation arises for me when recording with multitrack enabled.

Still, this is a very helpful addition!