Replacing the buttons on a pyramid

Hi y’all, recent pyramid convert here. Absolutely loving this thing so far.
Except . . . not really crazy about the feel of the buttons. Has anyone ever replaced their buttons? Would this even be possible? I fantasize about having clicky electron style jammers on there. Let me know!
Also, I’m using a mkI, did the feel of the buttons change on mk2 or 3?
Thanks for your insight, squarp community.

Chroma Caps V2 Encoder DJ TECHTOOLS

Fit perfectly, rubberised and grippy. I got the colours to match live, step, track sequence

I’m using MK3

I haven’t replaced the buttons on mine… I’m not even sure how this might be accomplished… I suppose you could probably 3d print some sort of solution but I haven’t found the necessity… for my usage they only need to enter in notes… Any “feel” I am looking for I would probably just look for in midi input controllers… such as keyboard controllers… or drum pad controllers…

responding to @boyratty2019, I think they are talking about the pads and not the encoder knobs… those are easily replaced.

Yeah my bad :+1:t4:

I seriously doubt much could be done to change the push pads. They are meant to send velocity like a drum pad so a clicky feel would be full on or full off. It would ruin half the reason for the product.

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Just FYI, the Pyramid pads are not velocity sensitive.


Just FWIW, this video by @o_0 shows the internal keypad construction nicely.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. Yes, it is the fact that the pads aren’t velocity sensitive that gave me the glimmer of possibility that such a mod could even be done. That video was weirdly soothing.

Technically, it’s possible, and for an experienced maker, not that difficult.
Hard to make it look good, though, as with every mod.

Obviously it would void your warranty, though, so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it.


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