Replacement Encoder?

Recently I noticed the push encoder on my Hermod is getting a little lazy.
A lot less responsive, ignoring clicks sometime and it interprets turning
at quite inconsistent speeds… sometimes just stopping mid-turn.

So: What is the exact part used? I think it should be no problem for me to solder in a replacement potentiometer. When I know wich one to buy : )
Thanks for any hint on this! : )

Email Squarp via their contact form, they will definitely help you

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Hey @nemoy,

Sorry about your current encoder wearing out :confused:

Here’s the part number we use - CTS Electronic Components 290VAB0F201B2


Yéé! thank you very much : )
No Problem, I use that encoder A LOT! : ) probably normal that it wears out over time :slight_smile:

oh, and speaking of part numbers: that big Capacitor for USB devices fell off again :grinning:
I might get one of those as well, when ordering from mouser :slight_smile:
Do you have that part number too?

Panasonic EEE-FP1E151AP

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Thanks Tibault! : )

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