Reminder: 8 character limit on cc and note names

I wasn’t sure what it was but Squarp confirmed that only the first 8 characters of a definition are visible in the UI.

If you write a definition file make sure that you don’t have a significant piece of information that will disappear because it’s after that limit.

(Also the UI is uppercase only. So no point in using mixed case)

Thanks for everyone writing and contributing definitions, this is awesome!


Glad someone else said it, also for drum note names the limit is 4 characters, so for example ‘high tom’ will read on the display the same as ‘high hat open’ so use something like HTOM and OHH instead.

Also for cc it would be good to have a couple more characters if possible @squarpadmin - I think 12 is possible on the display, expression and portamento both fit with standard cc mapping (10 characters) and it looks like there is space for 2 more letters. Certain synths have for example ‘LFO1 Pitch amount’ which can be tricky to distill down to 8 whilst still retaining legibility.


Thanks for the reminder. I am writing a few of those to upload today. (Novation Circuit, Mono Station, Minilogue, DrumBrute)

One important question - does that include spaces?

Yes space counts as a character.

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Thanks for the clarification. One more question regarding something I just ran into:

Note: CC(8) denotes a CC pair where the second CC is used to create an 8-bit message for a 0-255 value range.

Does Pyramid support this type of messaging? Searched in the manual in MIDI Settings but couldn’t find anything about it.

EDIT: Although I just noticed that it lists CC Pairs (for ex. 64:2) so I am assuming it would require two encoders to achieve the full range, one for CC 64 0-127, one for CC2 0-127, totaling 255 values possible. Seems like a deal breaker for this application on Pyramid. Who wants to use two of five encoders for one parameter?!?

AFAIK the Pyramid doesn’t support MSB/LSB pairs to get 14bit resolution. it’s part of the midi standard, but not supported by the current OS.

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Got it. Thanks for letting me know. I figured as much.

First time I’ve run into that before. Seems rather strange to use it when 0-127 standard would work just as well. Not a huge deal but good to save time with not doing definitions for that device (Mono Station)