Remapping incoming CC's?

One of the things the M8 does incredibly well is that it has a quick midi learn/remap for incoming CCs. Basically you pick you destination parameter and hold a button and change an incoming CC and that parameter is then mapped to that CC.

The magic is you can do this for midi instruments on the M8, and just map 1 incoming CC to a separate outgoing CC, making things like have hardcoded CCs (like the 16n Faderbank) much easier to use. I spent some time tonight trying to figure out if I could do something similar on the Hapax without much success. Am I being thick? is there a way to do this? Or should I go do a feature request?

Ahh answering my own question. Matrix does this (albeit without the learn functionality)

Another draw back is that because the matrix is a per channel re-mapping, only the currently selected channels matrix gets mapped. The M8’s mapping being global means that all 16 faders on the 16n can get used at anytime, and are routed based on whatever mappings you have set.

yeah, the hapax is very channel focused… (in fairness, many daws are too)

as I showed on my Eurorack video, I do kind of wish the encoder assign was channel independent.

yeah, it be great if the input source menu (used in automation/encoder assign/matrix) had midi learn.
I find myself often recording a bit of automation, just to get the CC number :wink:

(I guess instrument defs will still help a bit here… but still learn would be useful)

I’d like to see a “Project” level set of encoders that we can use independently from which track is selected, if we’d like. I’d also like to see encoders control arbitrary things, and not just MIDI CC, like the rate of an internal LFO or clock tempo, or MIDI effect parameters.

you can already midi fx parameters

(can’t do clock tempo or project lfo tempos as they are not track parameters)

Similar question:

I would like to map the resonance of a certain synth to the volume of that same synth, to compensate for the drop in volum when raising the resonance. I think that is possible, right? It is the same midi channel and you don’t have to first select the specific track or something, right?

So as I understand, it is not possible to remap a certain CC to another midi channel, right?

you can definitely go 1 to many or many to 1 but as you point out its on the same channel.

i.e. Map incoming CC 21 to outgoing 74 on the first row of the Matrix and CC 21 on the second to 07. And each of these can have their own offsets and ranges, so a full throw on a slider sending CC 21 will effect each differently.

After messing a lot more with the matrix last night I think my actual feature request would be 12 more channels in it :slight_smile:

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