"Relatch" behavior and sequencer "Perform - Full" mode. Bug?

PyraOS V3.23

I have found odd behavior when switching between sequences of different lengths while in “Perform - Full” mode; the Sequence progress bar will start part way through (even if the corresponding Track starts at the beginning) which causes the next Sequence to start before the track has played it’s entire length.

How to replicate behavior:

Sequence_1 (S1):
    Track_1, Length 1 bar, Relatch mode

Sequence_2 (S2):
    Track_2, Length 2 bars, Relatch mode

Running sequencer in "Perform - Full" mode

Now, try switching between Sequence_1 and Sequence_2, playing each sequence only once.

Detailed behavior:
- [S1 is selected, press Play button]
- S1 is playing
- [while S1 is playing, press S2]
- S1 finishes playing
- S2 starts playing. Progress bar begins in the middle. Track_2 starts at the beginning
- [while S2 is playing, press S1]
- S2 progress bar finishes and restarts at the beginning, while Track_2 stops playing halfway through (!!!)
- Track_1 begins

I understand this is a result of how tracks are really being un-muted, but it seems like the point of Relatch is to restart the track when the sequence starts. After all, Relatch behaves this way when a Sequence Chain is pre-programmed.

Alternatively if we run the sequencer in "Play” mode and program in a chain like this:
S1 (length 1), S2 (length 2), S1 (length 1), etc
Then we get the expected Relatch behavior; Each Track plays only once and the sequencer progress bar always starts at the beginning.

Use “Perform - 1 Bar”. Relatch behaves as expected here, but it is not optimal when multitasking or for tracks/sequences with lengths of 1.5 bars etc.

What a beautiful step-by-step and documentation to duplicate the problem. Wow!
Yes, I know this is extremely frustrating, but truly a beautiful job. Kudos!

I can totes dupe this, btw.
It happens exactly as you describe.
I’m running the latest OS, so it doesn’t seem to be something satisfied by that.

Honestly I don’t use SEQ Mode, so I had to read and re-read the manual on that bit. It would seem that the Pyramid is not acting per documentation, which would definitely be something to communicate to Squarp at squarp.net/contact

But then again, I may be misunderstanding the manual because: reasons. :wink: