Red blinking dot upper right corner and “crackling samples”

Hey, been using the Rample about a year now. Been noticing the blinking dot more and more often; and now nearly every sample pack has issues, with crackling samples and that blinking dot…
I am using the samples that came with the module. Don’t know where to start troubleshooting the problem.
Ps: is there any Page I can download the samples again, in case I didn’t backup the sample packs?
Best regards and thx in advance!


I (and a lot of other users) have been having the same issues with the Rample. Your samples are corrupting, probably due to the SD card not being formatted correctly from the “factory”. The good news is, that it’s easy to fix. There are guides for reformatting the SD card elsewhere on the forum(I can’t remember exactly where) and you can download the samples again. Re-format and re-install, - that should fix it :slight_smile:


i had the same issue but could solve it by reformatting the card and copy the file back onto the SD

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