Recording sustain CC help

Wondering if anyone has a good way to accomplish this. When I record sustain CC automation and keys at the same time, I often overwrite my sustain data when I reach the end of the loop and the loop restarts. As far as I understand, when rec is engaged, the cc sustain data is overwritten, so if I don’t press record again right on time at the end of a phrase, I erase the beginning of any cc data I have.

Anyone know a way to fix this or a decent work around? Thanks!

Other than manually fixing the first or last step in the loop in STEP mode, I can’t think of a workaround, sorry.

What you could do is leave the loop on recording after the first round where you record notes & sustain.
Then, on the second run, don’t play any notes, just concentrate on the sustain pedal and overdub that.
That way, you can just play & record it in LIVE without entering STEP mode, but it also might feel unnatural.

Really depends if you record full on Bach suites or just a drone or two.

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Stop the sequencer. Arm the recorder. Start the sequencer. Once it loops, it automatically stops recording.

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I’m aware of that method, but I was hoping a way to do this live while I add tracks. Is there no similar way to do this without stopping playback? Thanks

Only way I can think of is PyraMIDI and a MIDI loop. CC66 messages will toggle the REC. So create another track, have it send a CC66 messages on the last step with the highest zoom level. Create a MIDI loop and send that CC message back into Pyramid.

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While not really intuitive and cumbersome, it’s pretty clever.

I suspect stopping /oveerwtting is not the issue.

The issue I find is that a cc is only recorded when it changes, so this means when you start a loop it’s undefined,
this means if you hold the pedal whilst stopping loop it now has cc64 at the end and so uses this to start.

You can only reallly stop this by entering ( or playing) a cc64=0 at start, or right at the end.

( this is common to all cc automation not just sustain)

Not sure if the cc assign option helps at all , I don’t think so as only works in step mode but might help


I would agree with this. Has caught me out in the past