Recording real time in step sequencer

Hi All!

I am new to the forum. I am wondering if in step mode there is a way to record steps live withouth having to select the notes first. For example: I play a key in my midi keyboard and a step is recorder, once I press another key another step is recorder.

Thanks All! I am loving the pyramid!

The STEP mode is for adding steps manually.
In STEP mode when you press a note on a MIDI keyboard it will be automatically selected as the input note. So press note on MIDI keyboard and press on what step you want it on the Pyramid (Pyramid also listens to the velocity).

If you want Pyramid to record that note to the pattern from the MIDI keyboard, then for that you have LIVE mode. Go into live and activate REC. When you press a note from your MIDI keyboard, it gets recorded now into the pattern.

Hope this helps;)

Thats what I figured. I thought there might be a way to add steps just by pressing a note (and at the same time that note will be input in the step sequencer), instead of having to press a note in my midi keyboard and then manually selecting the desired step. Kind of like the way the midipal sequences.

Thanks for the input Joosep!

Well there is! Thats what for “LIVE” mode is for :wink:

I don’t think that is Live mode.

tioaldo wants automatically forward to next beat when hit the MIDI keyboard I think.
Some of MIDI sequencer has this function that is STEP mode actually.

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Exactly Hide! Thats what I was looking for. But I think the pyramid cant do that.

Thanks for the input!

Yep, no step input mode. It would be a handy feature.

Agree would be good to have like my little Tb03 sequencer

I can’t speak for everyone but the reason I’ve purchasea Pyramid is to get away from step sequencing. It’s great that it’s there but what I’m really looking forward to is recording melodies from a keyboard!


It’s nice to have both options. I also use the step sequencer as a metronome sometimes.

However I find a keyboard midi controller indispensable…it is very difficult to record a bass/lead line that covers 2 octaves. Plus the controller is touch sensitive.
With all the pots and sliders and buttons to assign CCs to.:slight_smile:

reality is that LIVE input mode is not a universal solution. There are times when you really ought to input the notes manually so you can manage MIDI traffic/congestion.

Non-destructive quantizing means that if you play poorly, i.e. slightly early, your notes will always exist in their original position. This will eventually cause you problems and you will need to manually adjust your notes to avoid missed notes, etc.

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Quantizing is a rather simple thing to do on Pyramid.

Activate track. Select zoom (this is your quantization grid). Go to STEP mode. Hold REC and turn 5th encoder to set offset on all notes to 0. Done. :slight_smile:

The “non-destructive” nature of Pyramids sequencer was one of the reasons I got it!