Recording generative sequencer

Im not really sure if this is best solved by changing my setup on the hermod or pyramid…
but I think the underlying ‘issue’ is more about what how you handle having a continuous live input, that you want to record on the pyramid - and how to ‘ignore’ the live input after a recording…

anyway here is what Im doing…

on my eurorack I have mutable marbles generating interesting melodies which I would like to record on the pyramid (so that I can then edit, tweak and play with them)

to do this, what I do is:

Mutable Marble t3/x4 -> Hermod CV IN AB
Hermod CV IN AB -> Hermod T1
Hermod T1 :

  • midi ch1
  • MIDIFX : MIDI OUT ch1, usb device
  • T1 CV/Gate to other module (e.g. MI Plaits)

Pyramid connected to Hermod as usb device

Pyramid T1 Ch 1 … which ends up back at Hermod.

so this basically works quite nicely.

except there is a loopback.
if you direct CV AB to a hermod track, it plays out via CV/Gate, and MIDI OUT sends to pyramid … which send it back, and then gets played due to midi input on T1 of Hermod.

I can get around this, by using a different pyramid track , that is routed to a midi channel that is not going anywhere … recording it there , and then copying the notes back to T1 - but thats a bit of a faff.

I guess another way, on the hermod might be to put a chance % after the MIDI OUT FX, to try to absorb the notes so they don’t go out via cv/gate.

other thoughts and ideas?

Why don’t you turn off midi echo in Pyramid? For situations like this I have asked squarp to give us a shortcut for the midi echo to be on or off but…

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If toggling MIDI Echo doesn’t work then you may want to consider filtering it out using iConnectivity box, or something comparable.

Hmm, unfortunately echo is global ( you cannot do per track) - so that would affect other synths I have connected to the pyramid - also as said, it’s not quick n’ easy to turn off.

Still I’ll give it a go, see if I can make it work somehow - thanks.

I can’t filter out on iConnectivity ( or similar) as during recording output would need to be off, but for playback it would need to be on. So you’d have to keep switching presets which is not that easy.

Yea, that kinda sucks. I’m not that familiar with the Hermod so can’t provide much input there. If you need to block or allow CV signal how about a CV foot-switch or an ordinary momentary on kind-of-switch that would be depressed when you want to record thus breaking the loop?

You can use sysex messages to perform on off features of iconnectivity. It’s pretty fast. try it with the iconnectivity app. There is no sysex documentation but you can hack the sysex messages from a midi monitor app like the midi monitor app in osx.