Recording Euclidean Sequences

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Is there any way to record a euclidean sequence (or other midi effects) into the step grid? I want to set up a simple sequence and then perform live while changing euclidean sequence parameters and have that recorded as a different sequence so then I can replay it but while tweaking my synths instead.

Or is the only way to do this to set up a sequence that is the length of my entire track beforehand and then record effect automations?

I’m trying to figure out the best workflow for this…


It would be cool to have a way to “print” effects to a track, worth a feature request I think especially for Euclidean. Or having Euclidean generators as algorithms alongside midi effects.


This is a really interesting idea and it got me thinking…
You could record the automation per pattern by mapping the EUCLID parameters you want to modify to knobs using ASSIGN and then just twiddling away with the track recording. I tried this just using the controls in the EUCLID effect but nothing got recorded in the automation lanes, ASSIGNing the parameters to knobs seems to work though and creates the relevant automation lanes and records the knob movements.
You’d only need to set up a sequence pattern as long as your loop rather than the length of your track I suppose, you could then copy and paste the pattern to new slots and record new automation on each pattern for variations which you could change between by just launching different patters.

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I believe Pyramid has this MIDI FX consolidate function (not finding exactly where in the manual at the moment) and others have requested the port over to Hapax


Yeah this would be nice! The hapax is great, but I guess it could be even greater lol :-).

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I know this is kind of an old thread but wanted to comment as I’d also like to see this feature.

The other suggestion I made in the algo suggestion thread that could also work, is having a euclidean algo mode.


I second this. The current Euclidean midi fx is really awkard for drums, and adds a slow workflow.

Some possible versions:

Current midi fx:
Currently to do Euclidean drums, you have to add a Euclidean Midi fx for a drum part, and scroll to the correct drum part using the encoder. And then add another Euclidean Midi fx in the midi fx for each drum part! This workflow is super slow/annoying for drums, to the point where I don’t want to use it. Other issues include not being able to see and adjust the euclidean notes on the grid in real time, and you can’t visually line them up to other drum parts.

Euclid Algo
With an Euclid Algo, you stay in algo mode, and just click on the section of the grid containing the drum part you want to add to, adjust the values and click generate. If you want to add another drum part, you just select that drum part on the grid, adjust euclid values and click generate. And so on. I would be happy with this speed but unfortunately you won’t be able to hear the euclidean values until you generate.

Adjust Euclid Drum Midi fx and consolidate
Here you have a special Midi fx just for Euclidean drums. You only use one midi fx for an entire drum page (ie 8 midi notes). You can select the notes by pressing the grid, same as algo’s (this avoids having to scroll to correct midi note of the drum, via the encoder). You can then print/consolidate the midi fx and adjust it on the grid.

The best version would copy the Torso T-1 which IMO is currently the best Euclid sequencer. As you adjust the euclidean values, these notes automatically adjust in real time on the grid. There would be no generate, the last adjustment you made, is the ‘generate’. Given how Squarp has designed the OS this might difficult to implement??

I will also post this in the algo thread