Recording Bloom CV/Gate output into Hermod

I’m trying to record the CV and Gate outputs of my QuBit Bloom module into the CV A and B inputs of Hermod. Basically generating patterns from Bloom, where Bloom pattern memory is currently full.

When I attempt this, Hermod will not record anything from Bloom (Hermod is also sending clock and reset to Bloom), which is strange because I can record the the CV and Gate from Marbles or Gates from MI Ears. So I’m perplexed as why I cannot record from Bloom.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

if its not recording anytihng, sounds like perhaps the gate is lower voltage?

(if it records incorrect cv, id think it might be more like gate timing)

I guess if you have something like mordax data, then you can could compare bloom output vs marbles (which you say works)

Thank you for your reply.

I just tested the Gate voltage out on the Bloom unit, it’s roughly .3 volts.

wow, that seems extremely low…

whilst (like most of eurorack) gate voltages vary, usually you’d expect something like 5v, or perhaps a touch lower on modules powered soley by 5v (but, even then 4.5v?!)

0.3v is just too close to zero, theres no advantage to using such a low gate voltage.
(even if you were running a small MCU, that had 3.3v , you’d still generate a 3v gate)

as I say, theres no 100% standard that says it has to be (e.g.) 5v or 10v…
but at 0.3v, id be tempted to think theres might be something wrong with your qubit module.
perhaps contact QuBit and ask them what voltage the Qubit Bloom should outputting for the gate.

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