Recording Automation?


Just wondering if any fellow Squarpers can help me out? I’m trying to record automation in Live mode from my Monologue using the Pyramid knobs but every time I get to the end of the first sequence the record button stops! Is this the norm or am I doing something wrong ?

Any help is much appreciated as it is doing my nut in.


Stop -> REC (arm recording) -> Play
This will start the count-in, then start the sequencer. Once the active track runs to its end (you set the lenght prior), it will automatically stop recording.

Press REC while sequencer is running
This will start recording. It will only stop if you leave LIVE mode or press REC.

You can also use the LIVE LOOPER function. With it, the length of a track grows to fit your initial performance. To activate Live looper, enter SETTINGS > MISC > LIVE LOOPER and select the looper time quantization.

Hope this helps :wink:


Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately none of those worked. After the first sequence in seq play mode the recording stops. While it only stays on for one sequence when I press it while the sequencer is running. It does stay on in seq perform mode but that’s defeats the purpose as the sequence can only stay on that sequence and I want to record the automation from seq 1until let’s say seq 8. My head is melted! Maybe it’s a bug or it only works in Seq perform mode which makes no sense to me.

I just tested it.It works fine for me! Record stays on!
It only deactivates record if the sequence also changes the active tracks pattern.

I had “LOOP” mode activated in the SEQ and had it play between two sequences, one has a track unmuted and other had it muted. In LIVE mode, I pressed play and then REC. It worked as expected.

Hope this helps :wink:

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Nice one Joosep! You are a Squarp saver :slight_smile: I got rid of every pattern and it works! Pity it doesn’t work with patterns but at least my head isn’t wreaked anymore. Thanks again!

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