Recording and Detecting CC messages from an external device

Is it possible to record CC messages from another device into the Pyramid?

For example, I often work with the Novation DrumStation which sends CC messages OUT whenever I twist its knobs. Instead of scrolling thru CC # to sequence on the pyramid, can the Pyramid record the knob sweeps it receives from the DrumStation Outs in real time?

Second Question- This is a far shot, but similar to the way the Pyramid automatically detects and displays the notes you play on an external device, can the Pyramid detect and automatically display the CC message you recently sent INTO it?

Thank you in advance

Haven’t gotten that far in my exploration of Pyramid but I believe the five encoders are assignable per Track, i.e., instrument. So essentially the Pyramid’s knobs become the DrumStation’s knobs and you can then record the same CC changes directly on Pyramid (i think)

yes, if you send it CC whilst recording, these are recorded on to the track as automation

I dont think the automation value changes as you turn a CC unless you are recording.
(though, Id have to double check this … it might :wink: )
however, you have a ‘midi monitor’ on the pyramid (menu->info) , so that you can see incoming midi if necessary.

you can also use midi learn with midi cc when you want to do assignments.

so most of the time with the pyramid, you dont really need to know the cc# when using an external controller/synth that sends CC.

(sorry, to be a bit vague in parts, Im getting a little confused these days about whats on the pyramid and the hapax :wink: )

btw: someone also create an instrument definition file for the Novation Drumstation,
so you should get nice names for CCs too.

note: I dont have one, so I dont now how complete this is.

Thank you both for your replies. I already use the definition files for the DS and other rack synths but I find menu diving and scrolling thru the CC list on the pyramid to be tedious. I should get more in the habit of auto-detecting and assigning the pyramid knobs.

Thanks again

Okay so recording CC sweeps from an external controller works no problem.

I haven’t figured out how to quickly assign the 5 pyramid knobs tho. In the manual on page 53, it explains how to hold assign while moving an external controller and then you can route that to another CC# or MIDI FX.

I also know how to hold assign while moving one of the assignable pyramid knobs and then you can scroll thru the list of CC numbers. But again, scrolling thru all the CC# is tedious.

I’m looking for away to select one of the pyramids assignable knobs and move a knob on an external controller and have that automatically become assigned to the pyramid knob.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think so, as I think assignment is to assign INPUTS not outputs. (which is basically what you are after)…
if you want this you’ll have to send a feature request via the contact form

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