Recording Aftertouch or Workaround

Pyramid doesn’t record aftertouch.

Any workaround?

the pyramid only support channel pressure - which you have to enable settings → midi in-
it does not support poly aftertouch.

Channel Pressure? What’s that?

This was illuminating for me


Ok so Channel Pressure is the whole Keyboard. After touch is per key.

Does it record that information in an automation lane? Is it CC?

yeah, channel pressure is like pitchbend its associated with everything on that midi channel
(so, yes all notes on the keyboard)

poly aftertouch is per note/key - its not traditionally been that common on keyboards (although thats changing slowly) , so many things do not support it.

yes, if you enable channel pressure in the options its recorded in an automation like cc/pitchbend
note: it is not a CC, its a dedicted midi message - but looks same on the pyramid.


Ok cool.

I will check it out today.

Thanks @thetechnobear

@technobear I’ve enabled it in settings but it doesn’t seem to work using it with Prophet 6

hmm, works here… using my virus ti.
(and its just midi, so it will work with all synths)

I record it live, then switch to step mode, go to graphical display then scroll past last CC - its just afterpitch bend.

do you see pressure in the midi monitor on the pyramid (setting → info → midi in )
(it will only show if you have pressure enabled!)

if you have local OFF on the P6, can you hear pressure changes?
(i.e is pyramid passing thru these messages, or are you only hearing changes when local is ON)

I can’t really think what else to try , it really is as simple as turn it on in midi in settings on pyramid.

I think Id have to check that the P6 is actually transmitting channel pressure, perhaps you can check via a midi interface into your computer, or another hardware midi monitor.
(Ive got a blokas midiboy which is great for this kind of diagnoisis)

I’m using a midi keyboard controller that transmits after touch. I’ve turned the settings on.

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