? record your midi patterns from other machines into the Hapax / workflow suggestions?

Heya, i´ve never donne that.
( please lets keep here all the upfront connection setup out of this thread. also the sync thematic as much as possible. Lets just imagine Hapax is sync master)

what would be the best practise, if i for example want to record patterns from the Digitakt, inclouding Notes AND some CC locks, into the Hapax.

  • Hapax set to sync master, but then ?

whats to check to make things happen nicely, and nicely in sync.

  1. when do you press record vs. pressing play ?
    just start the recording the same time while you start the machines, or do they need to run first a Bar or so ?..one pattern cycle
  2. Is the Hapax automaticly recognising incoming CC data, and would record it automaticly, or is here some upfront work needed ?

actually, I think if I was recording from Digi->Hapax, Id make the Digi the master

its solved (1) :slight_smile:

if digi is master you should be able to hit record on hapax, but it won’t start (recording) until you start the digi.

will it be perfectly in sync, unlikely - why … midi clock is a bit crappy :wink:
but it should be ok.
you could leave a bar if you want to ‘settle in’, but when I look at timing recently (see post on external sync), I found it was pretty good when sync’d to octatrack.

of course if the timing is only slightly off, its easy enough to select ALL notes, then set uTime = 0 to put on the grid (assuming thats what you want)

but its a bit try n’ see

(2) yes, Hapax automatically records any cc its sees… no setup required.

note: currently no, multitrack record, so you will have to do a track at a time :frowning:

ahh, thats great news !

ok, i feared it would be :wink:

ui, i completely overlooked that aspect. but i guess i can live with that for this usecase scenario:

  • creating mono voice patterns on the DT, incl. P-locks, meant to be used with the FH-2 for the modular.
  • record on Hapax
  • alter same pattern a bit
  • record again into Hapax
  • create this way a set of jammable mono voice patterns for the modular !
  • also: record isolated CCs to own tracks on the Hapax !
    doable by spreading the CCs within the DT to different tracks
  • make the Hapax your next jam wonder for the modular ( in conjunction with a FH-2)

i guess i´m way quicker creating patterns with P-locks within the DT.
at least until i´ve worked my way up into/thru the Hapax.
…which will lead to a completeloy different workflow anyway, i suspect.

ah, thats even better then. :wink:

once again: thanks Alots Mark !