Record transpose changes

Hello everyone,

I have a simply wish, if there is any more update.

I really love the transpose function via midi keyboard. Usually I have it set to TRSP CH16 on every channel, so I can transpose up and down with an additional midi keyboard.

Now I would love to record those changes inside the Hermod, with out always pressing a key.

Is this somehow possible?

I tried already the following, leaving for example CV 8 empty and go into CV input D and then have the transpose channel happen via CV, the issue is, that the CV input handles the note input different on the scale setting, so that the harmonic changes aren’t really doing what they are supposed to do.

Any suggestions or leads :)?

yeah, Ive mentioned this ‘scaling’ issue of cv input to squarp before…

what you could do is sent a midi message back out, e.g. if your using a usb cable, then you could put a short midi din cable from out to in. then on Tr8 out a midi out FX, sent to channel 16.
(this loop back technique can yield some interesting fun)