Record multi timbral in?

hey - can i record midi coming in on multiple channels onto multiple tracks? dont think I can, but figured I should check in

many thanks

well, the answer is yes. for anyone as clueless as myself, here goes:
in the settings under ‘midi in’, you’d need to switch the omni mode to multitrack bank a, b, c etc…
this is huge for me and opens a few doors - what a marvelous machine


the problem with this is: you can only stick to the fixed ‘one track per midi channel’-system in this case, so you can’t record two or three tracks with the same instrument (for example a bassline + chords part of a polysynth so u can play with mutes on both, and/or having a CC track running along)…

it has been reported long time ago already by different users, but squarp never answered to these specific MIDI IN requests…

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I was curious about this and didn’t test any further last night. so the channels are fixed this way and I can’t change the channel of each track anymore? I thought if it did take mutes into account it’d be killer… apparently it doesn’t

i was under the impression that you would have to sacrifice a bank to this - but other banks are still available to receive midi through omni? ah well… just waffling now, guess I have to really test this in my workflow first. thanks for your input

maybe @squarpadmin cares to chime in?


you can still change the output channel of a recorded track after recording, but that makes it too complex with too many actions in a live recording situation…

and yes indeed, it’s only for one bank also, so actually you can only record one midi channel at a time with multitrack. Of course you can copy a freshly recorded track to another place, but that’s not wat we really want. We want to be able to have a dedicated MIDI input per track.

For example, if you only have 3 instruments on 3 different channels, in Multitrack those other 13 tracks (total of 16 MIDI channels) are completely useless in the live recording process. You can’t assign 6 pads to receive on MIDI channel one, 6 pads to receive on channel 2 and 6 pads to receive on channel 3 for example.

That would be REALLY great though, but @squarpadmin didn’t give any comments on suggestions like these so far, so I’m afraid this kind of approach and a flexible MIDI input routing is not on their priority list an not sure if it ever will be, as we don’t know if there will be any updates of the pyramid OS in the future for Pyramid MK2 any time soon…

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Coming back to this chestnut of a problem. :upside_down_face: Having ordered an Expressive Osmose, I’m wondering what hope is there for recording MPE on the Pyramid?

I wonder how many hardware sequencers currently on the market can record MPE

I just did a few searches but i think my Google mojo is off because i wasnt finding much info