Record CC while looping

Hi HAPAX user,

if I record CC and miss to stop record before the end of the loop, the recorded CC data disappear.

Question: is there a way to record CC while looping?


Record overdub?

You can use the REC Setting (2ND + settings) “REC OFF”, and set it to “END PATTERN”, to automatically stop recording while keeping the playback running

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Hi Thibault,
thanks for this hint.
I hoped it’s possible to write CC data together with note data while looping.
As a workaround I have to keep one finger on the record button to toggle rec on/off for (re-)writing cc data still looping. It works. :upside_down_face:

BTW: “REC OFF” - “END PATTERN” only works if I first press record and then play.
It would be helpful if I could press rec while playing and recording would also stop at pattern end. I assume it’s a feature request and not a bug? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, it works for note data very well, as the headline of the value says (“notes”).
But if You try to re-record CC data and keep on looping it behaves different.

I would second that request - “End Pattern” works only if recording is armed prior to starting playback… Would be nice to be able to start recording mid-run and then stop according to the “REC OFF” setting.

Hi ttaneff,

Yes, exactly. :star_struck: Aaaand to be able to do this while
Hapax receives an external midi clock!
By now it only works with internal midi clock. :wink: :upside_down_face:


Just to chime in:
Yes, recording CC does not seem optimal. The thing is that we should not have to worry about our CC getting erased, if we don’t stop recording. Every DAW I have ever used (+ Cubase before there were DAWs), only re-writes CC if new CC comes in. That way there is no rush to stop recording. If no new CC comes in, the old CC stays. It is a well tried and trusted concept, so why change it to this stress-inducing method?
The above-mentioned method of using the Rec Off function would be very un-flowy for live performance, where it is optimal to keep recording a CC untill you like how it sound, and then you just stop turning your knob and whenever you like, exit Rec mode.

(Will file a suggestion to Squarp.)