Receiving MIDI from Synths Thru Kenton 12

Hi All,

I’ve just got my Pyramid, read the manual and connected it with my Gears.
I’ve connected my gears thru their MIDI IN -> MIDI HUB -> PYRAMID A.

Playing from the Pyramid i can

  1. See the arrow on the top screen (which means that Pyramid is sending the signal Out)
  2. Record what i’m playing

BUT Pyramid doesn’t receive any Information once i play the Gears ( no arrow shown on the screen ).

I’ve read the manual and watched some tutorials again, changed the MIDI settings how they should be, but i can’t really understand what’s wrong here.

I truly hope somebody would help me out.

Have you connected the synth MIDI OUT to Pyramid MIDI IN?


I have just connected all my synths thru MIDI IN into the Kenton Thru and the IN of the Kenton thru the Port A of the Pyramid.

i feel lost… I don’t get what’s wrong, plus the external keyboard doesn’t work.

What would you suggest?

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BTW it’s the MK3, i’ve also tried to connect the synth directly to the Port A of the Pyramid but it still doesn’t receive the information.

I think Pyramid Port A is Output.
To put signal IN to the Pyramid, i think you need to use an Input.

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My Port A is connected to the Thur’s IN, and B is empty.
I don’t get what i should move, there are 3 MIDI socket’s and the first One ( which it doesn’t work with my unit ) is to connect MIDI Keyboard.

Thanks for your answer anyway, i don’t know what to do next, the Pyramid also stopped working today, TWICE!

I would suggest reviewing a tutorial on MIDI, hence the link i posted earlier.

Take a look at the connectivity examples listed on the bottom of the Pyramid User Guide Manual.

The Pyramid has two MIDI Out ports (A & B) and one MIDI In. Note in the example that the MIDI Controller is connected to MIDI In port. This allows the Pyramid to record played notes.

Did you connect MIDI Out from your MIDI controller to the Pyramid’s MIDI In port?

There’s a bunch of YouTube videos on how to connect MIDI devices, I don’t recall specifically, (maybe Bobeats, Loopop, etc.), but take a few minutes and find it. It may answer a bunch of other questions.

Also you’ll want to start simple. Put away all thru-boxes and the like, and get one synth connected and working both ways, and only then extend piece by piece.

I’ve Connected my MIDI Keyboard to Pyramid’s MIDI In, but it doesn’t work ( i guess the hardware are not compatible ), i’ve tried to plug it into the MIDI Thru and it works fine.

I’ve connected : Pyramid MIDI A -> MIDI (Hub) In Thru -> MIDI (Hub) Thru -> Synth’s MIDI In.

I’ve watched the videos and read the manual, what am i missing to send data from my gear to the Pyramid?

But How should i connect 7 Synth’s OUT to the Pyramid IN?
My MIDI ( Hub ) has 12 ports, and 7 are used from my Synth’s MIDI In to it

You cannot do it. You can connect only one keyboard to the MIDI IN. That will be your master keyboard. And if you select the track of your other synth, you can play on your master keyboard and it will be played back on the selected synth. Or you can add another MIDI hub to MIDI IN as well. But I’m not sure if it’s really needed. For me it’s working quite well, that I have one MIDI keyboard and I use it for all synths (selecting the different tracks on Pyramid). But if you want to play on more keyboards at the same time and you want to record it real time, you will need an additional MIDI hub.

Thanks, so i reckon i need to figure it out in an way or the other!

Or maybe you can use USB MIDI as it’s communicating in both directions, but unfortunately I have no experience with it as I’ve never used it.

Actually it is possible, whereby multiple keyboard controllers can be connected to the Pyramid’s MIDI In. Each synth controller device can be assigned an unique MIDI channel to isolate the sound from a single synth or sound module. Although the Pyramid supports multiple Ins it will only record one track at a time, as assigned to the selected Pyramid track. (unless others know of way to achieve that?)

If you ever watched Mr Tuna’s YouTube videos he does just that, he uses one keyboard at a time and layers each synth onto their own track. And in order to achieve that it requires some pretty well-thought-out MIDI patching. And I believe Mr Tuna has a video describing his setup.

As for my setup, I use a mio10 MIDI interface from iConnectivity whereby all my gear connects both MIDI DIN in and out and I leverage the included iConfig & Auracle software to control how MIDI is routed between devices.

And pmatilai provides great advice, start small, get it working first then expand.


Hi there, Franco. I understand your frustration. I totally relate bc I’ve been there.

My suggestion is:

Read the initial section of Chapter 9 of the User Guide (v.3.2) MIDI In (p.57). Take a look at MIDI ECHO.

After making sure your synths are correctly connected try setting up MIDI ECHO. If you choose ALLOW ECHO make sure you do not create a MIDI loop (this can be avoided by switching LOCAL ON to OFF on your gear).

You will also have to configure MIDI OUT / MIDI THRU (cf. MIDI out, p. 58).

It really doesn’t matter if you connect a single MIDI controller or a MIDI MERGE hub with a bunch of controllers attached to it to PYRAMID’s MIDI IN. Just make sure that your cables are correctly connected from outputs to inputs and viceversa and make sure that your tracks’ MIDI channels match your synths’ assigned channels. It helps if you draw a MIDI-flow diagram.

A MIDI MERGE hub is an excellent solution if you don’t have a hardware MIDI patchbay (especially one with MIDI merge function). I rarely use a DAW, so I have more than one MIDI patchbay and I also use Kenton merge and thru boxes. Everything works ok.

Bear in mind that the User Guide was not writtem by a native speaker of English and sometimes it’s a bit difficult to understand what the guide means without a trial-and-error approach. I am not a native speaker of EN by the way, so … beware.

Summing up, i) connect all the INs and OUTs correctly (labelling your cables is a good idea), ii) match track channels and instrument channels and iii) fiddle with MIDI ECHO + MIDI OUT/THRU settings on the PYRAMID and you’ll get there. When you get there either save your settings or make a note in your log.

Good luck. Enjoy the PYRAMID. It is a glorious machine.

(someone above mentioned Mr Tuna’s videos on YouTube; he doesn’t explain much but what he does with PYRAMID is really amazing; not my cup of tea music-wise but the way his whole set up is controlled by the PYRAMID with the help of several hidden merge and thru boxes is awesome; I remember watching a video a while ago where he talks about the structure of his setup and briefly shows the merge boxes and split boxes)

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Thanks for your answer.

I’ve watched his video and set my Pyramid properly.
Right now i’ve connected a MIDI keyboard to Pyramid’s MIDI IN to control all the Synths, and all my (1) Synth’s OUT to (2) Kenton 12 (3) Kenton IN’s to Pyramid MIDI A to Send data to the Gears.

I tried to connect the synth’s IN/OUT to the Midi Hub but it doesn’t work, and i can’t even record any automation from my synths! I’m getting crazy, more than a month on it…
I truly hope you would help my out mate!

Hi Franco. First off you should try connecting your Pyramid to just one synth, just to keep it simple and to learn how the Pyramid works.
So, you have a MIDI controller kbd OUT connected to the PYRAMID’s IN. OK.
Now, PYRAMID’s OUT A port (or OUT B) must be connected to your single synth’s MIDI IN port. The Track’s MIDI channel # in PYRAMID must match the channel # of your synth. That’s it. Check the configuration of ALLOW ECHO and/or MIDI THRU in PYRAMID. Save a settings configuration that works for you and then add the KENTON 12 between the PYRAMID and all your gear.
There’s one problem with your post. You wrote:

and all my (1) Synth’s OUT to (2) Kenton 12 (3) Kenton IN’s to Pyramid MIDI A to Send data to the Gears.

I don’t understand. Your synths’ MIDI OUT ports cannot be connected to the KENTON 12! The KENTON 12 has a single MIDI IN port and 12 MIDI THRU ports. The THRU ports must be connected to your synths’ MIDI IN ports, NOT to the MIDI OUT ports. These MIDI THRU ports will transmit a copy of the signal/messages received at the MIDI IN port from the PYRAMID’s MIDI OUT. Note that a MIDI OUT port is not the same as a MIDI THRU port (although in some machines the MIDI OUT port can be configured to act as MIDI THRU).
I hope all this helps. As I wrote before, drawing a diagram of your set-up’s MIDI flow is a good idea.