Received my Hapax today \o/ and went to check if it was the latest OS <spoiler>

So the settings->misc->info shows that it is 1.05 Beta A.
While it is fantastic that you guys when to the trouble of installing the latest with cow bells and whistles.
Just wondered since the manual is 1.04, is there any info what the feature differences are if any?
Don’t want to be left scratching my head too much :slight_smile: .


Uh oh, that’s not supposed to be that one :grimacing:
Please know this version is not stable and may break your projects :boom:

I recommend using 1.04 for now.
Next update is coming very soon

I’ll send an email right away…


Ah, I did wonder how stable it might be.

Now what to do with these 256 songs I wrote last night :grimacing:

…just kidding I wish.

One thing is there a roadmap of features planned that is public facing?

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We have things planned of course, but we’d rather not make promises we’re not certain we can keep.
That certainty usually comes when we’ve actually implemented the feature, so by that time, why not release it immediately ?
So it’s not that we want to keep everything behind closed doors, but we’d hate for people to buy our product based on expectations we end up not meeting for one reason or another.

tl;dr: No.


Does this mean that you’re trying to fit a copy of Breakout into one of the screens after all?


And Doom on the other screen at the same time
:point_right: :sunglasses: :point_right:


Actually, with all the buttons, you can have the breakout actually play on the buttons in full glorious color and you don’t need the screens at all. Even better for the tetris clone someone else mentioned. :wink:

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Just so long as any games come with joystick/gamepad controller definition files so we can make full use of the USB host port :wink:

Fair enough completely understand. Thought I’d ask.

I love it when promises are made.

Whoa what I’m reading here is xbox controller support #confirmed in 1.05 with LSDJ config. :smile: