Re-Arranging Sequences on Computer

Hello, I have a bunch of sequences that I’d like to copy and paste to different sequence numbers. For example the song I’m working on goes from Seq 1 to 11 to 5 … and I’d like to make it so seq 11 becomes seq 2 and seq 5 becomes seq 3. that way the song can just go from seq 1 to 2 to 3.

I’m guessing this data is in the core.pyr file on the SD card.

Any way I can make these edits on a computer so that I don’t have to copy and paste a whole bunch of sequences on the Pyramid itself?


I believe you can just renumber any Sequence in Sequence mode to be in the order you want

“Once the chain is programmed, you can change the number and the length of a sequence, and even move it and delete it.”

@chrisroland, Thanks for you reply. Are you describing the version of Seq mode (Play) where certain repeats of different sequences automatically play in order? I typically use Seq mode in (Perform) and manually select sequences on the spot.

yeah i only chain Sequences on Pyramid. but their individual numbers are freely assignable regardless, if that helps

Whats the process to freely assign their numbers? I just did what I needed to do by copy and pasting a bunch of times, but would like to know for future use.

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