Rather obvious question about MIDI-In routing with simultaneous devices

Greetings~ part of me thinks this is kindergarten-level MIDI stuff, but maybe not…

If I have some MIDI keys routed in on, say, Channel 3… which is sent thru the Pyramid… which goes out into my DSI Rev2 module (no keys) accepting on Channel 3… will it always be sending whatever note information is played live -from- the keyboard and -to- my synth… regardless of Pyramid’s mode or selected tracks etc.??

I would like to be able to have two hands on two different synths playing over a drum beat, and then be able to hit a foot switch to start recording on one of the tracks (to free up that hand). Can we do this with Pyramid?

Bonus: if this is the case, then we also should be able to program the controller to send different channels at different times, thus going to different instruments on the other side of Pyramid.

[Postlude: the reason I even bring this dumb question up. I’m aware of another thread in this community where the topic of live, multi-track recording has come up, and has proven to be only possible on a channel-to-track basis (Channel 1 to Track 1, 2 to 2, and so on). Capable MIDI IN routing is a big gap in technology for a sequencer of this caliber, but one I’m willing to overlook. Prohibiting us from playing the instruments all the time tho… but it’s probably not the case plz help answer]

look at the midi A (&B) out mode, sounds like you want something like midi out mode A = OUT + THRU


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