Ratchet function for Pyramid?

I’m curious why the Hermod features a ratchet effect, but the Pyramid doesn’t. I’ve seen suggestions from earlier topics that say to just use a repeat function and record it into live mode, but that’s not exactly the same. Is anyone else wishing the Pyramid had a ratchet effects in step mode?


try the “delay” fx without a velocity curve and with wet fully up


Man you read my mind. Ratcheting is a huge effect i use for berlin school type patterns. I don’t know why they can’t apply this effect with the same ease as the Hermod. I really hope they consider doing this!!!

Just as an FYI - ratcheting is creating subdivisions that you apply to only a 1 or a few notes in a larger note pattern. e.g in a 8 note pattern you select a few of those notes - say jus the last note (the 8th note) that means you can subdivide just that last note into say 4 notes (ie; 16th notes).

here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j3vD2m7Z7Y

AFAIK the pyramid does not have a function for this. you would have to use micro stepping i think to achieve this which is convoluted unlike the Hermod which has a function for it.

again, look at the Delay effect. step sequence Enable for the steps you want to be subdivided. in the effect parameters, choose 100% gain, 50% dry/wet. Time will give you the divisions or multiplications of the clock, Repeats will determine how many times the ratcheting occurs. all those parameters can be sequenced as well

it’s more fiddly than a dedicated ratchet function as you might find on something like the Metropolis eurorack sequencer, but it will get you there


Thank you for the suggestion, auto. I’ll definitely try that out!

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An ARP effect with ENABLE automated might also bring you this effect. Then you can also experiment with octave shifts.

how do you enable effects for just one step?

FX parameters can be recorded live or in step mode.

(for instance if you are in live mode and have record on, any knob movements you make on the fx are recorded).
One of the paramaters is “enable” so you can turn them on or off at will.
Once you get something you like, you can “consolidate” the track, if you like and in a sense “print” the ratcheting.