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I just received my Pyramid (yesterday) and was wondering about a concept:
if there is a possibility to put a randomize on the note velocity when you push the pads.
For instance I push the bottom row with C Maj 3 notes on:
C E G all play at the same velocity now.

Would be interesting if I could choose a min and max value for a random parameter (for instance 60-70) that would always change the velocity of the notes.

For instance with this turned on. When I push the bottom row with C maj 3 notes on:
C 66 E 60 G 69
C 60 E 65 G 61
and so on.

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There is a randomise midi effect that includes velocity.

You can keep that effect on or consolodate the track to “write” the randomisation.


what about a sample and hold cc lfo mapped to something like a velocity sensitivity control on the synth? it’s a little round about, but i just love lfos.


that would work i think not tested tho

I forgot about the midi effects!
I think I am going to learn the device before asking more questions!

Thanks everyone for your response.
Best wishes,

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